Friday, May 1, 2009

Do we really need to be “Secular”?

Do we really need to be “Secular”?

Few days back, I was having a tea with my friends in a hotel nearby my house in Old City. Two local boys were sitting in the opposite seating of my seat. They were discussing about the ongoing IPL matches. One of the guys was not happy with the IPL coz there are no Pakistani players in the series. Every one knows that this IPL matches are been played without the Pakistani Players as Indian Government has decided not to include the PCB amidst the attack on Mumbai last year’s November. But, this “Unthankful guy’ is not happy on the absence of the Pak cricketers. I still remember the sounds of the crackers burnt after the Win of Pakistan over India in cricket. I still remember the sounds of joy and celebrations on each wicket fall of Indian cricket team.

These are some of the examples that everyone come across everyday. Some ignore them, some will feel sorry to the nation and some retaliate on them. The question is why this is happening and who are responsible for this? Don’t search for the answer. The answer is very clear that “Secularism” is responsible for what ever price we are paying now.

I think there are total 195 countries on this earth and out of them 95 are Christian countries, 55 Islamic countries, 6 communist countries, 37 other countries and only 1 Hindu country and 1 Secular country. You may get surprised by knowing that the only Hindu country is not India, its Nepal. We are the only “Secular” state in the world. If every country is not ashamed of declaring their nation as Christian, Islamic etc based on the Religion of the majority people of the country, then why India is not doing that. Whom do you think was behind this “Historical Fault”? You will find No answer. Because no one cares about India. Whether it is called a Hindu state or a Secular state. To them, both are equal.

These days every one is speaking about “Secularism” and proudly exposing them as a “Secularist”. I would like to ask one question to those “Sick-u-larists” by means of this blog. Do you really know the meaning of Secularism?

No one has understood the term Secularism properly. Secularism means-

  • Religious skepticism or indifference.
  • The view that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs or public education.
  • People of all religious belief can practice their belief as long their belief does not harm anybody else, without any fear or objection.

Are that all happening in India? NO.

Secularism doesn’t mean Denying Hindutva, Secularism does not mean attacking Hindus. It doesn’t means appeasing minorities. It doesn’t means opposing the demolition of Babri masjid. It doesn’t means giving 5% reservation for Minorities. It doesn’t means amending the constitution in “Shabanu Case”. Secularism does not mean running two laws in the country. It doesn’t means giving subsidy to the pilgrims of Haj and Jerusalem. It desnt means forgiving “Afzal Guru”. It doesn’t means filing the NSA against “varun Gandhi”.

Unfortunately, above mentioned all are happening in India and the people who are responsible are exposed as Secularists and the people who opposes will face a “Nice treatment” same as Varun Gandhi has faced and will be picturised as a “Communal”. If you still feel that the secularism is all about appeasing the minorities, then we don’t want us to be called as Secularist. And if you say working in the interest of Hindus is nothing but communalism. Then we are proud of being communal. I appeal all the people of India that please remove the spectacles of Secularism from your eyes and try to understand the damage the India is facing in the disguise of Secularism.

Arey Brother! Many people have laid their lives for the independence of this mother nation carrying the Indian Flag on their shoulders and singing the “Vandemataram” all around the India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. But now, what is the significance of “Vandemataram”. Some section of people is refusing to sing Vandemataram and our bloody “Sickularists” are supporting their acts. I wouldn’t quoted this here if only some section of people refuses but, Even “Madam Sonia” and “Dr. Manmohan” didn’t sang the Vandemataram on recent Independence day. Is this the secularism we are talking about? We don’t need this Secularism any more.

What happened in Godhra in 2002? Why was media unable to showcase the Godhra’s train incident? Why the Media created the hype in Post Godhra Riots. I am not in favor of violence on minorities. Our “Dharma” never taught us to kill some one. In fact no religion will say that. But what is happening these days. The terrorists are killing the innocent people in the name of “Jihad”. You may puzzle in thinking that who has given the right to these in-humans to kill the innocent people. The answer is not that brainteaser brother and in fact its so simple that the people who appease the minorities in the name of secularists. We have to note one thing very firmly is “Not all the Muslims are terrorists but no one can deny the fact that all the terrorists who are been held or killed in the terrorist activities happening all over the world is Muslim”. But still the Media never utter the term “Islamic Terrorist”. Is this the Secularism we are looking for? But if some thing happens in “Malegoan”, there was a big issue in the media and “Anthulay Saab” declared it as “The Act of Hindu Terrorists”. Every one should ask the question to themselves now. Do we really need to be “Secular”?.

Bharath Mataki Jai. Long Live India. Long Live Hindutva. Vandemataram.

“Agar Desh mein Rahna Ho to Bolo Vandemataram”

Vinod Kumar Mandhala

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Sushant Singh said...

you join the long list of misguided people who have fallen prey to the divisive politics of Hindus and Muslims. Secularism my ass, as long as people like you keep spitting fire against your fellow countrymen, we will never get there. Go get yourself some education!! And btw you call yourself a designer, your blog design sucks big time and I am not sure how you have managed to stay employed!